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4 Bathtub and Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Are you considering enhancing your property with a bathroom renovation? If so, it’s extremely important to develop a plan ahead of time. Even if you’re still unsure about particular details, it helps to have a rough blueprint so that the renovators have a general idea of what you want to achieve.

When it comes to planning your bathroom renovation, the two things that you need to take into consideration are the bathtub and the shower. Since these two features take up the most space, they often determine the placement and design of all the other features in your bathroom.

In this blog post, we’ll explore four innovative bathtub and shower ideas that can transform your bathroom into a more stylish and functional space.

  1. Shower Over Bathtub
    If you’re tight on space, consider going for a shower-over-bathtub setup. As the name suggests, this space-saving solution places the showerhead over the bath, giving you a single compact space that acts as both the shower enclosure and the tub.

    With this combination, you can make your bathroom more spacious without having to compromise functionality.

    This extra space can be used for an expanded vanity or extra storage cabinets. The shower-over-bathtub setup can also give you more elbow room, making your bathroom more inviting and less cramped.
  2. Bi-fold Shower Doors
    Bi-fold shower doors are also great for those looking to optimise their bathroom space. These doors are designed to fold inwards, neatly tucking away within the shower enclosure. This mechanism allows for easy access to the shower without requiring extra clearance space.

    Besides its practical benefits, bi-fold doors are also streamlined in their appearance and can be seamlessly blended within any space. Their sleek appearance can complement various bathroom styles and interior designs. This makes them an excellent choice for those who prioritise both functionality and design in their bathroom fixtures.
  3. Bathtub Near a Window
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    Positioning a bathtub near a window is an innovative design choice that more and more homeowners are beginning to embrace. Though this might seem like a peculiar place for you to place your tub, this setup actually has a lot of advantages.

    For one, having a bathtub near a window allows you to connect your bathroom with nature. Studies have shown that just the sight of trees, foliage and the sky can induce feelings of relaxation.

    Whether it’s the gentle glow of the morning sun, the calming hues of a sunset, or the mesmerising view of starlit skies, you’ll be able to witness countless breathtaking scenes with a bathtub window.

    Having a large window near your bathtub also allows an abundance of natural light to flood your bathroom. Since natural light can create an illusion of more space, it can make your bathroom appear inviting and less cramped.
  4. Separate the Wet Areas from the Rest of the Space
    Strategically separating the wet areas (i.e., showers and bathtubs) from the rest of the space can significantly enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

    By consolidating the shower and bathtub into one designated zone, you can contain moisture within that specific area. This protects other parts of your bathroom from water damage and mould growth.

    Having dedicated wet areas can also be much more hygienic than other layouts. According to an article on Time, simply flushing the toilet with the seat up can cause harmful bacteria to spread to many other areas in your bathroom. By distancing your toilet from your shower enclosure and bathtub, you lessen the risk of getting exposed to such bacteria.

As you can see, a bathroom renovation is a significant undertaking that requires thoughtful planning.

If you’re able to manage your bathtub and shower properly, everything else should fall easily into place. The shower and tub not only determine the layout but also play a crucial role in shaping the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a renovation plan, don’t hesitate hiring the help of renovation specialists and interior designers. Such professionals can help you come up with a blueprint that takes into account both aesthetics and practicality.

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