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Floor Sanding and Polishing – What Should You Prepare and Expect?

Before we begin with the preparation and expectation part, let us first have a first-hand idea on what floor sanding and polishing is. Floor sanding is a technique to remove the topmost surface of a wooden floor with the help of abrasive materials. Once done, the next step is floor polishing – a process that polishes the floor to avail the desired sheen.

So, if you think the flooring of your property is old and needs a change, how about opting for the floor polishing in Melbourne? Replacing your tiles altogether can be an expensive affair. So, considering sanding and polishing will really turn out to be worth when you are facing a budget crunch. If you are concerned about how floor sanding and polishing will maintain your timber floors, here’s a good read to go through!

Floor Sanding Preparation – Before the Professionals Arrive

Whether you are building a new property altogether or it is just a renovation work, the start date of sanding and coating the floors is very critical especially when compared to other jobs. There are jobs that should be completed prior to the sanding work. These include carpentry, plumbing, plastering and glazing. So, ensuring that they have completed their part of the work can increase your chances of availing the best results.

  • Sanding and Polishing Preparation

The main requirement for carrying out the job of floor sanding in Melbourne is that you need to have clear and safe access to the site. You need to be sure to have an ample amount of space for getting the heavy machinery in. If you are unable to manage the same, take the assistance of the professionals who will advise you with the alternative arrangements.

  1. You need to make arrangements of adequate lighting and power for letting the floor sanding equipment do their job uninterruptedly. Even water should be available in plenty.
  2. Make sure that the floor must be clear without any debris and furniture lying around. You need to remove everything including staples, tacks etc.
  3. It is recommended to remove all the food items from the kitchen and pantry area as the odour of polyurethane can taint them.
  4. If you are planning to lay carpets in some rooms, hold on to it till the sanding and polishing of the floor are finished.
  • General Information Regarding Sanding and Polishing
Floor Polishing Melbourne

The sanding machinery of today comes with a dust collecting feature. Additionally, the professionals too will clear the dust through vacuuming and wiping down the floor. But, as a matter of fact, it is impossible to totally eliminate the dust. There will definitely be some accumulated dust on the newly finished flooring surface.

  1. Rejection i.e. when polishing is not compatible with the surface can be caused if the silicone comes into contact with the floor. Hence, you need to be careful about it.
  2. Remove rugs after 2 weeks as they can, even leave a mark on the floor for permanent on the freshly coated floor.
  3. If the cut from carpet knives are too deep, it may even not be possible to remove them.
  4. It is recommended to carry out the final coating on skirting boards later once the work of sanding and polishing of the floors gets completed.
  5. Even a two-tone effect can be produced if there are some solid stains around the perimeter of certain old timber.
  6. Water stains around the nail holes sometimes remain forever as they are not removable.
  • Precautions While Completing the Floor Sanding and Polishing Job

After the job of floor sanding in Melbourne is done, the process of the coating will follow. It is recommended to avoid walking on the freshly coated floor for at least 24 hours.

  1. Polyurethane will take around 7 days to fully harden. So, make sure to put your furniture back into the rooms before 72 hours. The polyurethane can be damaged if you drag, lift and place your furniture. It can scratch your floor. Hence, avoid dragging it.
  2. Be careful and avoid walking in grit and other abrasives till the floor gets cured properly after 7 days.
  3. Avoid using stilettos or any pointed thing on the floor as it can leave an unsightly indentation by ultimately damaging the floor.
  4. In order to take the precautionary measure, it is advisable to place protective furniture pads on the feet of all the furniture as well as heavy objects. Doing so after the job of floor polishing in Melbourne will help you retain your freshly renovated floor without creating any damage.

Enhance Your Interiors with Professional Sanding and Polishing Job

Opting for a floor sanding and polishing work will not only give a new look to your property but eventually, it will also increase the value of the same. If at any point of time, you feel that things are going wrong and the floor revamp work is not showing the expected results, consider hiring a professional.

The skilled professionals have an in-depth idea on it and will guide you throughout the phase of floor sanding in Melbourne. You can further select the type of polish under their recommendation and go on to enjoy the freshly renovated flooring of your property.

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