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The Pros and Cons of Home Swimming Pools

It’s no secret that Australia loves their swimming pools, with our country having the highest per capita rate of swimming pool ownership in the world. Whether it’s to entertain guests, keep the kids happy or get in your daily exercise, swimming pools come with endless benefits and have become part of the Australian dream.

Weighing up whether or not you want a swimming pool in your home? It’s a big decision to make, and not one to be made lightly. There’s a lot to consider, especially regarding costs, yard space and value, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of installing an in-ground swimming pool in your home and let you decide from there.


Elevated Lifestyle

An undeniable benefit of adding a pool into your backyard is the immediate lifestyle boost you’ll get. Outdoor living is one of the greatest parts of summer, and a home that provides the perfect outdoor entertainment space is highly sought after.

Not only do expertly designed pools make a breathtaking addition to any home, but they’re also an unbeatable way to entertain family and friends and make the most out of your outdoor area. Even when not entertaining, having a pool that you can hop in at any time for an instant refresh is something that just can’t be beaten.

Added Value to your Home

Although in-ground pools aren’t exactly cheap, they offer a considerable investment in your future thanks to the resale value they can add to your home. Homes with pools are immediately more appealing to potential buyers, especially if they’re well maintained and designed. Couple that with a great alfresco dining area or deck for entertaining and you’ll have buyers lining down the block to put an offer in.

Great for Families

Pools are especially enticing for families with young kids, thanks to the fun and convenience that they offer. Save the hassle of lugging everything down to the local pool or the beach and have everything you need right in your backyard.

Having a pool is a great way to get your kids comfortable in the water from a young age, greatly developing their swimming skills. It also makes supervision easy when they’re playing outside, as you know exactly where they are and what they’re doing.


Another added plus of having a swimming pool in your backyard is the exercise opportunities that they offer. Whether it’s swimming laps or strength workouts, you can do it all and stay cool and sweat-free at the same time. Many retailers sell foam dumbbells that become heavy once they’re in water, or wrist and ankle weights that increase the resistance of your movements underwater.

Whatever your cup of tea, pools are a great way to get and stay fit right in the comfort of your own home.


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Pools come with considerable maintenance requirements that you need to make sure you’re up for before making any decisions. From balancing the pH and chlorine levels to cleaning out the filter and keeping the bottom of the pool free from debris, there’s quite a bit to keep on top of.

We recommend getting a pool cover to use while it’s not in use, keeping dirt, leaves and rainwater out of the pool and making maintenance that little bit easier. You can also hire pool companies to keep on top of these responsibilities for you, although this will of course come at an extra cost.

Ongoing Costs

On top of the upfront costs, it’ll also cost a bit to keep your pool warm, clean and properly maintained. Pool heating can drive up your energy bills substantially, so we recommend installing solar heaters that harvest the energy of the sun and keep your pool warm without harming the environment. While the installation will be a bit of an investment, you’ll more than make for that with your energy savings over the years.

Maintaining the pump system, balancing the levels and keeping the pool clean will also add to the ongoing costs, but more so for older pools. A well designed and built modern pool should be much easier and cheaper to maintain, thanks to the use of new technologies and the high-quality systems in place.

Safety Concerns

If you have kids or pets, a swimming pool can also offer some safety concerns. Make sure you have a pool fence in place that meets Australian standards and always keep an eye on any children when they’re in the pool or even outside in general.

The pool and its barriers must be kept to these standards at all times, and hefty fines can be handed out if you fail to do so. Once your pool is built, it’ll be inspected by a government official and if it meets all the relevant requirements you’ll be rewarded a certificate of barrier compliance. This will need to be lodged every four years to ensure these standards are maintained.

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