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Why Does Asphalt Driveways Experience Cracks Over Time?

Driveways are the first thing noticed by people when coming to your home. Still, it is the most neglected part of the house in Melbourne or anywhere in the world. Generally, the common material used for driveways is asphalt. There are many benefits attached to it that makes it a common choice of all: it is durable, safe, attractive and affordable.

Though it comes with so many times, over time, the asphalt driveways in Melbourne will begin to crack, showing signs of wear and tear. You will find that the material of your driveway will gradually break down and will separate. So why does this happen? Let us find out the most common reasons behind the cracks in the asphalt driveways.

Top 10 Reasons that Causes Cracks in Asphalt Driveways

Causes Cracks in Asphalt Driveways
  1. Humidity
    The constant exposure of the humidity due to the contact of water infiltrates the paved area of your asphalt driveways. This gradually washes away the sand base of your asphalt drive which ultimately leads to cracks due to distortion of the top surface layer.

  2. Heat
    The driveways are the place that is directly exposed to the weather conditions. The unpredictable weather of Melbourne can sometimes be harsh, especially when the sun heats up. This can break down some of the substances of the mixture causing it to wear out and break down. Further, it leads to cracking due to actions like foot traffic or parked car.

  3. Driveway Movement
    The seasonal changes including heavy rain and heat waves can lead to ground shifting. The natural calamities cause the earth to shift, but in addition, the annual ground movement has a greater impact, ultimately putting pressure on your asphalt driveways. This leads to cracks and potholes.

  4. Inappropriate Installation
    This is the most common reason for the cracks in your driveway. There are many asphalt companies in Melbourne but not all may necessarily be skilled and experienced enough to deliver accurate installation. Hence, you need to make sure about choosing the right company as the quality of your driveway highly depends on it.

  5. Tree Roots
    If you are inclined towards creating plantations in your outdoor area, the growing tree roots can cause tremendous pressure on your driveway. They tend to apply uneven pressure as they grow which will gradually lead to cracks. Allocating a space for your plantation with a proper planning can help you get rid of this issue.

  6. Soil Erosion
    Driveways generally have a slope. Due to water and regular wear and tear, it tends to wash away the soil. This may be due to simple washing of the driveway or also due to rainwater. When the asphalt driveways in Melbourne are too old or are too much exposed to water, the soil can more rapidly wash away, leading to cracks earlier than normal.

  7. Pointed Objects
    If your driveway experiences the usage of sharp objects like shovels, studded winter tires or the snow blower blades, it can easily rip the small asphalt materials from your driveway. So, you should make conscious efforts to ensure that your driveway doesn’t have any such sharp objects. You can always use a plastic shovel and be extra careful while using the metal tools.

  8. Excessive Weight
    There are many factors that will decide the amount of weight your driveway can hold without cracking. As per the asphalt companies in Melbourne, the factors that affect the driveways are the type of material used, the depth of the material, whether it is reinforced or not and last, the base and installation of the driveway.

  9. Ground Holes
    This is rather a long-term effect but still, cannot be ignored. Over time, you will experience the cracks as the sinkholes damage the driveway by starting out with a small cavity, growing over time till it collapses. There is no specific reason behind it; eventually, it all depends on the way your driveway is maintained.

  10. Poor Site
    A poor construction means inadequate soil removal or shallow depth of road base. A slab of a thin road base will shrink over time during the natural ground shifting process. This puts a lot of stress on your asphalt driveways causing it to weaken in the coming years. If you are making an altogether a new construction, always be careful about these little yet important factors.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Driveways

A proper installation and care can help you prevent cracks in your asphalt driveways in Melbourne. With these 6 significant tips to maintain your asphalt driveways, you will be able to enjoy a better-quality driveway, minimising your repair needs. So let the crack-causing factors stay away to achieve a properly-managed driveway on your property.

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