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Why Should You Consider Opting For Ceramic Tiles Installation?

Whether you are upgrading an existing room or furnishing a new room of your Melbourne abode, a stylish floor can add the value to the room. With a wide range of flooring options available in the market, many homeowners are considering ceramic tile installation in Melbourne. This is due to the fact that ceramic tiles are easy to clean, durable, versatile and demands no maintenance. Apart from tiles, you will also need to consider benchtops to give a totally new look to your property. But, if you have a confusion on what to choose, here is an interesting post on granite vs Caesarstone benchtops.

From contemporary to colonial, ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of design and style to fit all the applications. Regardless, if you need to install it in your kitchens, bath, dining room or living room, ceramic tiles are widely adaptable and can be used in an array of settings. Additionally, as compared to other materials, ceramic tiles are one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions.

Date back to Egypt around 4,700 BCE, ceramics are proven to be one of the most practical building materials. Made from clay, tiles once shaped and dried are fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. This hardens the tiles, which later can be glazed and fired a second time. Available in all shapes and sizes, colours and glazes ceramic tiles can be used plain, decorated or as a part of a mosaic.

Listed below are the few advantages of ceramic tile installation in Melbourne which might help you in making a well-informed flooring decision.

Ceramic Tiles Installation
  1. Durability
    Ceramic tiles are extremely tough and are difficult to crack. They are ideal for the place with heavy foot traffic and dampness. Ceramic tiles are low maintenance and can simply be cleaned with the help of a mop or sponge. Its strength and resiliency to staining and wear make them highly durable flooring option.
  2. Ease of Maintenance
    It is fairly easy to care and maintain ceramic tiles. Stains, dirt and liquids all rest on the floor, allowing you to easily clean the surface with the help of the mop or wipe. You can also use heavy duty cleaning without worrying about damaging the floor. You can always keep your floor free of debris and dirt, simply by sweeping or vacuuming the floor with a soft brush.
  3. Water Resistance
    Glazed ceramic tile installation is an excellent choice for the wet areas and is considered as one of the best bathroom flooring options. They have an additional protective layer that makes them moisture resistant and ideal for moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is highly recommended to seal the tiles to protect the surface from the liquid and keep out any moisture which might lead to potential mould.
  4. Cost Effective
    Ceramic tiles are one of the most cost-effective flooring options on the market today. While many homeowners still consider tile installation in Melbourne a costly affair, its longevity and durability make them a cost-effective solution in a long run. Additionally, they do not require any upkeep and maintenance, which further add to its value. While the cost of tile installation may be slightly higher, it’s important to consider that all the long-term benefits it provides.
  5. Adaptability
    Available in a virtually limitless number of sizes, colours, styles, textures and shapes, ceramic tiles can add beauty and character to any room. They are incredibly versatile and adaptable to any interiors; the only limits are your imaginations. From your dining room to the fireplace, ceramic tiles can complement the décor of any room.
  6. No Allergy Concerns
    The hard surface of ceramic tiles doesn’t attract any dirt, dust, pollens or other allergens. When these minute particles land on the surface, they stand out against the floor, making it easy to alleviate them with a simple mop cleaning. This aids in keeping the air free of allergens. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly options. Ceramic tiles can simply be disposed of as a building waste. The tile’s components are available naturally in unlimited quantities.
  7. Easy of Repair
    Though ceramic tiles are strong, just like any other earthenware there is still the opportunity for breakage. When it does, fixing tile is far simpler than any other plank or hardwood flooring. You can simply remove the broken tile, clean the area, replace the tile and grout the repaired area.

    Moreover, it also takes less time to repair the floor. It is highly recommended to keep the several leftover tiles for these repair needs.
  8. Adds Value
    By simply opting for ceramic tile installation in Melbourne can increase the potential resale value of your home. Potential buyers will surely take note of the well designed and well-installed floors. Due to its striking style and notable presentation, ceramic tiles can add thousands of dollars to your house’s resale value.
  9. Fire & Scratch Resistant
    One of the major benefits of installing ceramic tiles is that they do not burn or produce toxic fumes, making them fireproof flooring options. The heated pans will not melt or sear the tile surface.

    Ceramic tiles are highly scratch resistant and thus are highly recommended for residential and commercial spaces. They can withstand high traffic due to their resistance to abrasion.
  10. Design Flexibility
    With the wide range of sizes available, the design flexibility is significantly improved. From smaller 6″ x 6″ tiles to 24″ x 24″ ceramic tiles, you choose a wide range of styles. You can mix and match solid tiles patterns or brick and block or Flemish style joints, they can be arranged in unlimited designs. Besides this, you can even cut the tiles into different shapes such as rectangles, triangles and planks.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic tiles are a luxurious and timeless flooring option. Due to its design, flexibility and sheer beauty, ceramic tile installation in Melbourne gives a unique opportunity for design expressions! They offer a high of versatility and adaptability that makes the possibilities endless!

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