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All submissions should adhere to the guidelines below.

Content Guidelines

  1. We accept unique, relevant, engaging, and informative content (Home Improvement, Home Decor, House Renovation & Extensions, Home Cleaning, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garden, Flooring, Roofing). Blog topics in the form of hints and tips, advantages and value of things, how-to, and other informative posts are given priority.
  2. Minimum word count – 1,000 words.
  3. Content must be 100% unique. We do not accept plagiarised, copied or re-purposed content.
  4. Content must be well-written in plain English and grammatically correct with a high readability level. Any content that requires massive editing will be rejected.
  5. We only publish content that meets our guidelines and standards. We do not accept the following content: Adult/ mature or offensive, job postings, anything gambling related, property listings, self-promotional or press releases.
  6. All headings and subheadings must be in sentence case. Submissions must include one main heading/title (H1) followed by subheading (H2) and additional headings (H3). Lists are encouraged to include wherever possible.
  7. Please include one appropriate high-resolution image. Any copyrighted images will not be accepted.
  8. Content must be submitted as a Word document. Images must be submitted as separate high-resolution attachments. We are not responsible for the copyright issues.
  9. Submissions must be accompanied by a short author bio. The author must be a person, not a business. Please include professional social media links in bio.
  10. We strongly encourage you to share your content across your social media channels and to engage with those interacting with your content. This will increase your brand exposure and help to drive page views and click-throughs.
  11. We reserve the right to edit any content to bring it into line with Melbournes Builder’s editorial guidelines.
  12. Kindly allow one week for us to review and respond to your content. If you haven’t heard back from us after one week, feel free to send a follow-up email.
  13. Please note: No changes will be made to the content after it has been published.

Linking Guidelines

  1. We allow one follow link per blog post. Links should be relevant and anchor text should be a clear and natural phrase, not spammy keywords or location anchors.
  2. Content must include one internal link from another post on Melbournes Builder.
  3. If your content meets our guidelines, please submit it by emailing us at

We appreciate your piece of writing. However, in any case, they are rejected, here are some reasons for it.